This is a OSPF visualization and analytics tool for network engineers which is aimed at working with OSPF network offline.

Docker version is available now! Repository

v2.25 The biggest release - Topolograph can be integrated with OSPF Watcher + ELK in order to listen, log and save all changes in an OSPF Topology: Up/Down neighbor adjacency, OSPF link cost changes, OSPF networks appeared/disappeared from the topology. The OSPF Watcher repo. All releases.

How to start to work with your OSPF network graph offline?

Two steps: firstly, find your device's vendor in the commands table and save the command's outputs from one of your routers as a single TXT file. Then, in the second step, upload it to the Topolograph (here or in docker's version). No logins and passwords are needed to provide!

Once you get your network graph you can:
Build the shortests paths
Simulate a link outage and discover backup paths or backup of backup paths...
Simulate a router shutdown. Look at traffic flow around the failed router
Browse your network with `Focus on the Node` option
Compare the network state at different times
Discover asymmetric paths


Build OSPF shortest paths in Topolograph. Get Backup paths in Topolograph.


Demo OSPF network in Topolograph
Demo graph

Test topolograph's functionality right now! A test graph with 13 hosts has already pre-uploaded for everyone.

Demo OSPF network-graph
OSPF network visualization in Topolograph

1. Save OSPF LSDB as txt file or use Napalm (for dockered version)

2. Get your OSPF topology visual

Upload your topology
OSPF backup paths in Topoloraph
Offline Network Analysis

1. Simulate the link outage

2. Find network reaction on a failure

Reports about OSPF health in Topolograph

Reports can help to discover undirected links or asymmetric paths is your topology

Start Analysis


In order to get familiar with the principles of calculating backup paths in the event of a link or node falling, you can play with Demo OSPF Graph!

Once you build SPT and check Backup paths, see network reaction on link or network shutdown etc!

Topolograph. Upload OSPF LSDB

Get your OSPF topology visual on the Upload LSDB page

Save an output from your router (i.e. Cisco):
  1. show ip ospf database router
  2. show ip ospf database network
  3. show ip ospf database external

If you have multiarea network - save outputs with different ABRs in the same file and then upload it on the Upload LSDB page. For not-registered users only one topology is saved. For registered users this limit is increased upto 5 topologies.

Topolograph. OSPF the shortest path

Check how the shortest path goes.

Traceroute or mtr is not helpful when a packet goes through a firewall. The firewall won't appear in a trace. In order to check the actual path through all network devices - build the shortest path using several ways:

  1. by dropdown menu
  2. by using right-clicked menu

In order to see a backup path - just press on a colored spt edge link. The algorithm will exclude this link and build a backup path.

Topolograph. OSPF topology reaction on a node failure

What will be if we shutdown our Core switch or... one of our border router?)

You can find the network reaction in NetworkReactionOnFailure tab. Just choose your node (network device) and simulate shutdown from right-clicked menu. The algorithm will exclude this node from the topology and show you consequences of your test.

Topolograph. Change OSPF link cost on an edge

Change OSPF cost on a link on the fly.

Right-click on an edge and set a new OSPF cost. Topolograph shows the traffic change flow - links with a decreased and increased amount of traffic. If we set OSPF cost 9 between Node A and Node B - traffic will be redirected to a link via Node C and Node D. This feature is going to be used when you want to adjust OSPF cost and would like to see the output of your changes.

Topolograph Reports. Asymmetric paths

Report. Asymmetric paths in OSPF domains.

When different costs are configured on different links - asymmetric paths could be in the network. The incoming path from W to F is going via C-D, but the outgoing path is via B-A. Paths can go via different ISPs and come with different delays and, probably, losses. The report is aimed at discovering such cases in order to eliminate it.

Topolograph ospf backup path via third location.

Report. Backup paths via 3d party locations.

This report checks that if two locations are directly connected, backup paths should be only between two locations and do not go via third location as transit. Before running this report - it's needed to create groups (~site names/locations) and assign devices to groups. For example, there are two locations in France: the main site (EU_FRA) and the remote site (EU_FRA1). The same schema with offices in Italy. The main offices in France and Italy are connected to each other and have main (OSPF cost 10) and backup (OSPF cost 20) link.

Remote offices have the main link (OSPF cost 1) to their main offices and backup link (OSPF cost 10) to the foreign office.

If the main link between main offices goes down - the backup path goes via remote offices!
Topolograph docker image.

Report. Network heatmap.

The topolograph knows what networks are advertised by nodes. When the network is terminated on both routers, using VRRP, both nodes advertise the network. The node is marked by red if it has a lot of unbackuped networks, and vise versa.

Topolograph docker image.

Privacy. Keep your network inside your organization.

Run your local copy of Topolograph inside your on-premises network using the docker image.

How to start and get your OSPF topology visual

Save the output from min two commands (for getting LSA1 and LSA2) into a file with .txt or .log extenstion and upload it to Topolograph.

Vendor LSA1 LSA2 LSA5 NAPALM support
Cisco show ip ospf database router show ip ospf database network show ip ospf database external YES
Quagga show ip ospf database router show ip ospf database network show ip ospf database external YES
Juniper show ospf database router extensive | no-more show ospf database network extensive | no-more show ospf database external extensive | no-more YES
Bird show ospf state all show ospf state all show ospf state all NO
Nokia show router ospf database type router detail show router ospf database type network detail show router ospf database type external detail YES
Mikrotik /routing ospf lsa print detail file=lsa.txt /routing ospf lsa print detail file=lsa.txt /routing ospf lsa print detail file=lsa.txt No
Huawei display ospf lsdb router display ospf lsdb network display ospf lsdb ase No
Paloalto show routing protocol ospf dumplsdb show routing protocol ospf dumplsdb show routing protocol ospf dumplsdb No
HP show ip ospf link-state detail (Stub subnets without mask!) show ip ospf link-state detail show ip ospf external-link-state(LSA5 subnets without mask!) No
Ubiquiti show ip ospf database router show ip ospf database network show ip ospf database external No
Mandatory YES YES NO

Topolograph 2.25.1